Artwork Requirements

The image that you give us to work with can be either a digital image/file or a paper image. Digital images/files are preferred because we process them right from the computer to the printer used to create the transfer sheet. A paper image has to be scanned and converted to a digital file before it can be processed for printing. A scanned image is a copy of a copy. There is some loss of detail, sharpness and contrast in this conversion process.

A poor quality image or picture, no matter what the format, can not be transformed into one that is perfect. Basically stated…”poor quality upfront equates to poor quality in the end.” The higher the resolution (megapixels) of the digital camera, the better the image will be. We can not print a good picture from a bad one. Image size should be 350-400 dpi at its finished size.

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot work with images that are copyright protected or not the property of the customer.

Our design staff can provide additional information for preparing you artwork.