coastersRound and square coasters are made from a polyester material to be customized with a logo or personal message. Hardboard coasters can also be customized with a company logo or personal note. Leather and linoleum coasters have a non dying, non scratching black felt backing.

4 x 4Leather Coasters 45 Degree Corners (Set of 4)440400
4 x 4Linoleum Coasters 45 Degree Corners (Set of 4)440401
4 x 4Printed Hardboard Coasters Rounded Corners (Set of 4)440402
4 x 4Printed Coasters Round with Neoprene Backing (set of 4)440403
4 x 4Printed Coasters Square with Neoprene Backing (set of 4)440404